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  • Details on building a million dollars of net worth before your 35th birthday – from experts who have actually done it.
  • An overall lifetime return on investment (ROI) = 10,000%+


  • Retire Early
  • Find Alternatives to All-Time Low Bond Rates
  • Buy Back Your Family’s Time w/ Financial Independence
  • Save Your Retirement Nest Egg from the Tax Man
  • Determine If Bitcoin Belongs In Your Portfolio
  • Maximize Your Credit Card Benefits
  • Optimize Your Investments
  • Handle Canada’s Housing Bubble
  • Learn How to Pay the Lowest Investment Fees
  • Choose Canada’s Best ETFs
  • Earn tax-free $$$ Working Outside of Canada
  • Enjoy Canadian Dividends for Life

All Access Pass Exclusive Q&A Sessions

Our 4 experts answer your specific questions and make sure you leave the Summit with personalized advice!

Investing Specialist:

Investing Specialist:

Peter Hodson was named one of the Warren Buffetts of Canada by the Globe and Mail, and has managed over $1 billion dollars in assets. Ask him your investing and portfolio questions.

Personal Finance Specialist:

Personal Finance Specialist:

Alanna Abramsky, head of Financial Coaching with Enriched Academy, has helped 1000’s of Canadians take control of their debt and manage their credit. Join her for a session where she will answer all of your burning questions!

Financial Planning Specialist:

Financial Planning Specialist:

Ed Rempel has over 27 years of financial planning experience, and has done over 1,000 comprehensive financial plans for Canadians and their families. You’ve seen his in-depth research and presentations, now get your own financial planning questions answered directly by Ed in this private live Q&A. 

Cryptocurrency Specialist:

Cryptocurrency Specialist:

As one of the early-adopters of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency, Brendan has been investing and researching cryptocurrency before many knew it even existed. Join Brendan in this private live Q&A to get your cryptocurrency questions answered. Nothing being sold here, just conflict-free tips and education to help you decide if crypto is right for you.

6 Bonus Interviews – Only for the All Access Pass

Kyle Prevost

My Personal Plan for Perpetual Travel

After checking out Stephanie and Gillian’s experienced-based conclusions on how much it costs to slow-travel the world, check out Kyle’s plan for doing exactly that.  A self-professed “nerd” Kyle reveals what his research over the last year has told him in regards to creating a budget for his first year of a travel-dominated life.  He includes his top travel hacks and cheapest high-standard-of-living cities as gleaned from reading hundreds of articles and listening to dozens of podcasts.  (What else has there been to do for the last year?!)

Kornel Szrejber

Canada’s Most Burning Investing Questions - Answered

Kornel decides to provide our All Access Pass audience with the answers to some of the most common questions that he has received in the past year.  Listen in as he breaks down withdrawal strategies in the FIRE world, ESG investing, RESPs, and the classic RRSP vs TFSA rebalancing question.

Kornel Szrejber

Stephanie Myers and Gillian Batt (Our Freedom Years)

Can It Really Be THAT CHEAP to Travel the World Forever?

Gillian and Stephanie answer the eternal wanderlust question of: How much does it cost to travel forever? – while never working again!  As the duo behind my new favourite Youtube Channel, the Our Freedom Years creators join us to reveal some of the specific budgets that they have used to travel to places such as Italy, Croatia, and Malta, as well as some of the top tips they’ve gained after quitting their 9-to-5 jobs and committing to travel full time.  There are not many places where you can find specific numbers discussed in this level of detail – and see the world (literally the whole world) through the eyes of two Canadians.

Kornel Szrejber

Investing In Your Children's Financial Future: An In-Depth RESP Guide

Join as Kornel of the Build Wealth Canada Podcast guides us through the differences between Family and Individual RESPs, how to claim free government grants, and even how to catch up on grants if you missed out previously. You won’t want to miss learning what you can also do to prepare for your child’s retirement!

Kornel Szrejber

Kyle Prevost

The Dark Side of Expat Life: Lifestyle Inflation

Kyle’s other two talks at this year’s Summit detail some of the advantages of the expat lifestyle and saving capability.  But it’s not all fun and savings, as the pressure to spend when surrounded by people with tons of tax-free income can be immense.  If you’re considering making the jump to becoming an expat, tune in to make sure you get the full picture.

Tom Williams

Pay 1% Income Tax in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tom Willams joins us from Tbilisi, Georgia to explain how you can move to his beautiful country and legally pay 1% tax as an online entrepreneur.  I recently visited Georgia and it is as beautiful and as affordable as Tom says.  If you want a base to explore the world – and one that allows you to become a resident and pay only 1% tax – then there is really nowhere better than this country that sits at the crossroads of Europe and Asia!  Tom’s Expat Hub team are the experts in what you need to know in order to decide if making the jump and severing Canadian residency is the right move for you.

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We wanted to remove all doubt and over-deliver when it came to the Premium All Access Pass. Even if you completely disregard the All-Star Speaker Panel, these bonus resources alone would be worth more than $1,099!

  • Get 4 Exclusive Q&A Sessions: Ask your questions to five of Canada’s top experts ($500 Value):
  • Get 6 Bonus Interviews: Lifetime access to five full videos never seen by regular Summit attendees  ($100 Value)

You Also Get These Bonuses:

  • Can I Retire Yet? The Ultimate Guide to Retirement, the 4% Rule, Investments & Portfolio Withdrawals in Canada ($99 Value)
  • Getting Your Foot In the Door: Buying a Home in Canada eBook ($99  Value)
  • A step-by-step 40-page guide explaining exactly how Summit Founder Kyle Prevost invests his own money ($99 Value)
  • A custom-made Canadian cheat sheet to help keep the tax man’s hands off what’s yours ($79 Value)
  • The quiz to finding the best Canadian budgeting app for YOU ($29 Value)
  • The full-length eBook of More Money for Beer and Textbooks A Financial Guide for Today’s Canadian Student ($19 Value)
  • Build Your Canadian Expat Pension – Taxes and Investing Away from Home eBook ($99 Value)

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In order to get the most out of your Summit, get lazer-focused on your next steps.

 Action item Create a list of questions you need answered from this Summit. As an owner of the All Access Pass, you can ask your questions directly to our panel of experts (4 specialists in the fields of investing, financial planning, cryptocurrency, and personal finance).

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  • Will you be optimizing and rebalancing your portfolio?
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  • How to retire early and on your own terms
  • How to invest better, easier, and more efficiently
  • How to protect yourself from corporate chicanery
  • How to see through financial jargon meant to confuse you
  • How to negotiate the best deals for yourself
  • How to avoid crippling fees and terrible advice
  • How to understand the housing market and what it all means
  • How to get your credit cards to pay you for buying what you were going to buy anyway
  • How to earn hundreds more every week with innovative side hustles
  • How to travel on the cheap to exotic locales
  • And MUCH MORE!

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